Michael Savage Says Sarah Palin Is Unelectable: “She’s Like Dolly Parton”

In a mostly overlooked radio broadcast from late last week, mega-popular conservative host Michael Savage railed against conservatives supporting Sarah Palin for president in 2012. “I know more about it than the stupid Republican party does,” he explained. “If they run Palin, it’s over; Obama will be a term two-er,” said Savage. “She’s not electable as president. She’s not the right person — we need a business man.”

“Are you crazy? Are you out of your damn minds?” Savage asked at the suggestion that he keep quiet about Palin lest he alienate his base of listeners. “She reminds me of a country western singer,” he said, admitting her heart is in the right place, but reiterating that she is unqualified. “She’s like Dolly Parton in her early days,” Savage insisted. “Please don’t do this to us!” he begged. “Don’t Obama-cize these guys,” he continued, referring to both Palin and the recent upstart Scott Brown. “It’s too early.”

Hear the whole rant below:

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