Michael Steele To Critics Of Tampa Pick For RNC: ‘Get Over It’

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele was none too pleased to find some Republicans questioning the decision to hold their party’s convention in Tampa during the peak of hurricane season. To the critics, Steele had a blunt response: Get over it.

After Monday’s convention activities were canceled thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac, ” some party operatives are privately pointing a finger at Steele, who helmed the GOP when the party settled on Tampa,” POLITICO reported.

“They just need to stop that shit, ok, get over it,” Steele said. “First off, they act like I did nothing for two years and then something they don’t like I did it all.”

On that note, Steele said the location choice wasn’t a one-man decision:

Steele, frequently a target of criticism for his turbulent two-year stewardship of the RNC, said that he agreed with the decision to pick Tampa but that the call to hold it here was made by first the party’s site selection panel and than agreed upon by the full committee.

“I didn’t have a vote,” he said.

The former chairman said they considered the weather risk of holding a late-August convention in a Gulf Coast city.

“We gamed all that out,” Steele said. “It was part of the discussion from day one. I don’t know why people are acting all surprised.”

Aside from Tampa, other cities under consideration were Salt Lake City and Phoenix.


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