Michele Bachmann Says ‘Anderson’: The Highlight Reel

Michele Bachmann spent a lot of time at Tuesday’s debate trying to get moderator Anderson Cooper’s attention.

Where low-polling candidates like Ron Paul and even Rick Santorum — who has emerged as something of a mascot at these debates, always willing to throw the jabs at the frontrunners that make good TV — had no problem getting their face time during the Las Vegas debate, Bachmann seemed to think she didn’t get the focus she deserved.

Below, TPM’s video squad has compiled the many times Bachmann said “Anderson!” in an attempt to get the moderator to pay her some mind. This author’s personal favorite is the last one, when Bachmann cut off Cooper’s debate ender to get in one last point:

For the record, Bachmann’s campaign thinks she did a pretty good job stepping up and grabbing her piece of the crowded spotlight at the eight-candidate forum.

“Bachmann Commands Stage at CNN Presidential Debate,” read the post-debate release from Team Bachmann.

Note – this post was written by Evan McMorris-Santoro for Talking Points Memo and appears here via a content sharing agreement with Mediaite.

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