Michelle Obama: Urge ‘Knuckleheads’ To Vote, But Don’t Call Them That To Their Faces

Here’s a word you probably haven’t heard in a long time: knucklehead. Who better to invite it back into your vocabulary than first lady Michelle Obama, who said Monday that we need to push “knuckleheads” to vote but refrain from using the demeaning term in their presence?

During a speech in Delaware, Ohio, the FLOTUS said it’s crucial for citizens to encourage everyone they know to partake in the election — even the duds and doofuses, according to POLITICO:

“Talk to everyone you know — your friends, your neighbors, that cousin you haven’t seen in a while, that student sitting next to you in class. You know he’s kind of a knucklehead. You know the one.”

You mean the village idiot? Sounds like that sorry film Swing Vote to me, and look how well-received that movie was… Nevertheless, it’s still important for each town knucklehead to cast his/her ballot, but you have to approach him/her about it in a certain way. The key, Michelle Obama said, is not to let the aforementioned individual know that you think he/she is a total moron:

“Tap him on the shoulder. Be nice. Don’t call him a knucklehead. Not to his face. You just want to encourage him to get to the polls. But tell him what’s at stake.”

Once the “knucklehead” has voted, your job is done. Two faced-ness can shape our nation after all.


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