Mike Trout and a Finnish Soccer Team are the Latest Victims of the Pokémon Go Craze

Count Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim star Mike Trout among those who’ve fallen prey to the Pokémon Go craze. According to Pedro Moura, the Angels beat writer for the L.A. Times, the slugger was actively in search of Pokémon prior to the team’s game on Friday night:

No word on whether Trout ended up finding any. But if he did, one can only hope his celebration matched the enthusiasm shown by Rovaniemen Palloseura, a Finnish Premier League soccer team. Following a goal, several players from the club took part in a choreographed routine inspired by the wildly popular app:

The Pokémon Go phenomenon appears to have taken a particular hold on the soccer world. A number of players from various MLS franchises have shared photos from the game. And one of the league’s franchises, the Vancouver Whitecaps, even announced a pair of free agent signings using the game’s interface:

If only Pokémon Go had been around when LeBron James had signed with the Miami Heat in 2010, perhaps we would’ve been spared The Decision.

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