Missouri Lawmaker: Make Planned Parenthood Build Memorials for Aborted Fetuses

PicMonkey Collage - BrattinOn Wednesday, a group of Missouri legislative committees were examining proposals about the state’s abortion laws, when one lawmaker threw out a… well, unique idea to stick it to Planned Parenthood.

In a report from The Kansas City Star, state representative Rick Brattin argued that the best way to make sure that the organization was honoring aborted fetuses was if the state demanded that a memorial was built to recognize them.

“I think maybe requiring that Planned Parenthood set up some type of memorial, like a Vietnam Wall type,” Brattin said. “I know that sounds crazy, but by state law [fetuses are] given human status, so should there be a human memorial attached to that human life?”

When House Democrats eventually walked out of the meeting, Brattin reportedly insisted that despite accusations of looking for conservative legislation to file next year, his goals are “absolutely not a witch hunt.”

“We are fighting for human life. These pieces of fetal tissue are being sold on the black market,” Brattin said.

Brattin’s proposal comes as Parenthood continues to face backlash after a series of controversial videos have suggested that the organization sells fetal tissue for profit. Other suggestions at the meeting included random inspections and tracking donated tissue samples.

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