Missouri Woman Complains About Her ‘WH0R’ License Plate

Sometimes a license plate is just a license plate, and sometimes it’s not. One Missouri woman was in for quite a shock when it turned out her license plate appeared to be insulting her. Deb Levy revealed that her new license plate reads “WH0R8X.” In other words, her car was calling her a whore.

Levy says when she complained, she did not get the answer she was looking for, and beyond that, they didn’t even understand why she was upset in the first place.

Levy said when she complained she was told she would have to pay $17 if she wanted a new combination of numbers and letters.

“It is not about the money, but when I showed it to them they said it just said who,” Levy said. “Can you spell!”

Thankfully, after news of her off-color license plate took off, state officials decided to offer her a new license plate for free.

Watch the video below, via KTVI:

[h/t UPI]

[photo via screengrab]

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