Mitch McConnell: Trump Is ‘Struggling’ and Really Needs to Start Acting Presidential

mcconnellMitch McConnell recently indicated he really really really doesn’t want to talk about his party’s nominee, and based on an interview today, it’s pretty clear why.

BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski flagged down a snippet from McConnell’s appearance on Kick Ass Podcast today, in which he said, “It’s no secret that he’s struggling… He’s earned the nomination, but in order to be elected president, he needs to pivot and start acting, like, presidential.”

He said, laying it on thick, that there’s “nothing wrong with a script” as opposed to “winging it” at the vast majority of his campaign events to date. In fact, he claimed he literally advised Trump on this very issue when they met behind closed doors.

But as far as McConnell’s concerned, he doesn’t sound like a serious candidate yet.

Recently McConnell said Trump clearly “doesn’t know a lot about the issues.” He has still endorsed him.

Listen above, via Kick Ass Podcast.

[h/t BuzzFeed]
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