Mitt Romney Says He Had a ‘Far Reaching’ Conversation With President-Elect Trump

romney-trumpeditedFormer Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney met with President-elect Donald Trump today as rumors swirl that Romney is being considered for the post of Secretary of State.

In brief comments to the press after he emerged from the meeting, the ex-Governor of Massachusetts stated that he and Trump had a “far reaching conversation” about various political and international matters.

“We discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics,” Romney informed reporters. “A very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had.”

“I appreciate the chance to speak with the President-elect and look forward to the coming administration,” Romney concluded.

During the campaign, Romney was a vocal critic of Trump, especially in regards to what he felt was his vulgarity and coarseness. Romney criticized Trump in a March speech, stating that he was “very very not smart” on foreign policy.

Meanwhile, Trump hit back at Romney, saying Romney wanted Trump’s endorsement so bad in 2012 that he could have told Romney to drop to his knees.

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