Molestation Victim Reportedly Plans to Sue Josh Duggar


In Touch magazine, the outlet that first broke the story of 19 Kids of Counting reality star Josh Duggar’s admitted sexual molestation of five young girls, including four of his own sisters, is out with a brand new scoop Wednesday. According to anonymous sources, Duggar’s non-family victim is planning to file a civil suit against him.

Though the statute of limitations has expired on Duggar’s crimes, the unnamed victim could still sue in civil court “under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 16-56-130, which allows for a civil action when a sexual abuse victim start to experience the effects of the abuse years later,” the magazine reports.

Aside from an interview with Fox’s Megyn Kelly, Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have revealed little about their own role in allegedly covering up their son’s transgressions. But according to leaked police reports, they waited more than a year to alert the police about what had happened.

Potentially, all three members of the Duggar would be required to testify if the pending civil suit goes to trial.

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