More Than Two-Thirds Of Independent Voters Find This Election ‘Annoying,’ ‘Exhausting’

While politicians from both sides will rally voters to support their candidate of choice in The Most Important Election Of Our Time, most voters will be exhausted and annoyed. Or so says a new Pew poll. And a mere 41 percent of independent voters said the election will be “exciting.”

Of the respondents, 70 percent of independent voters said the election will be “annoying” and 69 percent said “exhausting” — compared to 63 percent and 67 percent of total voters, respectively. While only 41 percent of independents and 49 percent of total voters said it will be “exciting,” that number jumped to 59 percent when looking only at Democrats.

On the bright side, majority of respondents across the board said they also expect the election to be “informative.” Specifically, 60 percent of total voters, compared to 53 percent of independents.

Via Pew:

Comparable percentages of Republicans, Democrats and independents say that the campaign has been too long and too negative. And more than eight-in-ten Republicans (85%) and Democrats (83%) say the campaign is important, as do 77% of independents.

However, there are partisan differences in views of campaign 2012. Notably, fewer Republicans than Democrats say the campaign is interesting. Republicans are less likely to say the campaign is interesting – and more likely to view it as dull – than they were in late March, before Mitt Romney effectively wrapped up the GOP nomination.


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