Morning Joe Gangs Up on Princeton Professor Over Anti-Ben Shapiro Stance


During a Morning Joe panel on conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s speech at UC Berkeley last night, Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr. implied that the number one target of antisemitic attacks should not be able to speak on campuses at times because his views could offend “marginalized” communities.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and his panel of guests then took turns picking apart the Princeton professor’s argument — with Glaude joining in on the fun by shooting himself in the foot with confusing, scatterbrained remarks that he himself described as “not clear.”

Glaude’s main beef with Shapiro was over affirmative action policies, implying that — in some cases — it’s acceptable for right-of-center speakers to be de-platformed if their ideas advocate against positive discrimination policies, as he considers those debates to be a direct attack on segments of the campus body. While Glaude did not advocate for violence, he claimed universities are not places for “noxious views,” adding that he he should not have to “endure” an event that “questions my presence.”

Who or what gets to decide what is considered noxious? The abstract notion of “norms” do, according to Glaude — though, no such norms were defined. Throughout the 15 minute long segment, Glaude did not mention the First Amendment once, even though Berkeley is a public university.

In response to this, Scarborough said that left-of-center students should instead welcome conservative speakers with open arms, so they can strengthen their progressive arguments in the face of an opposing view — a challenge he believes they don’t experience in classrooms.

Glaude went on to the make the outlandish claim that college campuses — where Democrat professors outnumber Republicans 12-to-1 in non-scientific fields — are actually more conservative than many believe. Scarborough scoffed at the notion — “be a conservative for a week…in American universities,” he challenged.

When Glaude continued to push his four Pinocchios-level myth of the conservative campus, Scarborough replied, “What do you find there? Because you do not find Republicans.”

Glaude didn’t clarify where he was getting this idea of a vast right-wing university conspiracy, but, maybe his claim is more of a reflection on his own political position.

While the disagreements grew tense at times, the discourse remained civil. Scarborough even claimed he was “more proud of this segment than any segment we’ve ever done.”

Maybe if students on America’s college campuses carried out their disagreements in a similar fashion, such cable news panels wouldn’t happen in the first place.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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