Morning Joe Nukes ‘Spineless’ Ted Cruz For Sucking Up To Trump: ‘It’s About Character’


The gang at Morning Joe was in a joking mood on Friday and in hour two they played an amusing video montage of MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt asking GOP Senators (and Joe Manchin) about whether they felt Donald Trump was “honest.” At best, the result was an awkward pause and at worse — well openly running away from the camera.

In that latter category fell Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Not long ago, Trump’s most ferocious GOP critic, Cruz has been considerably softer on Trump lately. As Hunt pursued him, he darted into a parked car before dismissing the question out of hand.

“I’m not going to play the game.”

The Morning Joe set ate it up.

“Kasie when you’re going after Ted Cruz you looked like a reporter going after a suspect. Where’s the body? Where’s the body. I’m not talking,” Scarborough joked. “He was running from her, saying he wasn’t’ going to play the game.

The set erupted in laugher at the scene of Cruz cowed.

Trump ‘lied about the boy scouts,” gasped Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson in disbelief.

Scarborough then got (more) serious saying Cruz was uniquely awful for refusing to answer in light of Donald Trump’s savage — and untrue — attacks against his father and wife.

Donald Trump used the National Enquirer to accuse Ted Cruz’s father of assassinating JFK, he used the National Enquirer to accuse Ted Cruz of having six affairs, he used the National Enquirer for these other attacks, he put up tweets saying Ted Cruz’s wife was not attractive,” said Scarborough. “If you accuse my father of assassinating JFK, or plotting along with 9/11 hijackers, I’m going to be able to go, no he doesn’t tell the truth.”

“He’s spineless,” Donny Deutsch opined.

Of course, Cruz had no trouble answering the question while on the campaign trail in 2016. Shortly before he bowed out the race, Cruz called Trump a “pathological liar” and utterly amoral.”

… I am sure he just forget.

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