Morning Joe Rebukes Trump’s Lack of Females in White House and ‘All These Old White Guys’


Mike Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe led the charge Monday morning against the administration of Donald Trump for the optics surrounding his Cabinet’s notable absence of women leaders.

It’s a sentiment that she shared with two fellow females during the segment, Tina Brown, the founder of Women of the World, and Elise Jordan, the former Rand Paul staffer who regularly appears on the morning talk show.

“The feeling that we’re getting from this administration — backed up actually by what they’re doing — I guess it just makes even more of a calling for organizations,” Brzezinski said Monday morning. Based on the numbers of protestors who have gathered in recent weeks in direct opposition to President Trump’s administration, most notably the Women’s March on Washington, she continued, “There are people in this country feeling completely left out and threatened by what they’re saying.”

Brown added decisively, “And when you look at the photographs of Trump’s cabinet, I mean it looks sort of like 1975: all these old white guys. It really is, except for a handful of women.”

The Cabinet currently includes only two women who have been confirmed by the SenateElaine Chao for Transportation and Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations — while the controversial Betsy DeVos has not yet been confirmed to lead the Department of Education. Linda McMahon is also awaiting confirmation to serve as small business administrator. There is only one women in the Cabinet who does not require a Senate confirmation — Kellyanne Conway — who is Chief Counselor to POTUS.

The rest of the Cabinet is comprised of 27 men, the vast majority of them white.

Elise Jordan, who is not known for necessarily delivering scathing hot takes on Morning Joe, spoke candidly about the breakdown of Trump’s appointees. “I’m tired of hearing how Trump is so great about promoting women and then you have very few women at the top of his White House and across the board in government,” Elise Jordan said. “How is he staffing his government?”

Brzezinski added, “Where’s the presence of women? Where’s the influence of women at the table? It’s just not present.”

Brown went further in her criticism of our Commander in Chief however. “Where’s the respect for women, which we saw none of during the campaign?” The exchange came after the panel played clips from the Audi Super Bowl commercial which championed workplace equity. Watch above via MSNBC.

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