Morning Joe Takes on Trump TV: ‘You Really Have to Want to be Fooled’


Morning Joe opened up Monday with a discussion about some new competition they all may be facing on the information superhighway — Trump TV.

You may recall last weekend, former CNN conservapunidt Kayleigh McEnany cropped up in a curious broadcast to deliver the “real” news from “Trump Tower” on the President’s Facebook page. With trumpets and a Trump step and repeat, McEnany did her best impression of an all out state news organization. The transition was an extraordinary step down from her former perch at CNN.

But anyway let’s get into it.

Nicolle Wallace got things going on set speculating that Trump’s decision to launch Trump TV was based in-part on his frustration with the free media coverage he has received abundant quantities of (but cannot control).

“He understands that the free media is going to ask difficult questions,” she said. “He’s thrown up his hands and he sees his comportment in office doesn’t withstand the sorts for media he relied on in the campaign. To me it’s another string in all these defeats for him. He’s given up on the free media and now he’s making his own media.”

When Scarborough pointed out that President Obama often used the Internet to bypass traditional media (which was generally fawning anyway), Commentary Editor Noah Rothman said that Obama never suggested that his messaging was “news”

“You really have to want to be fooled if you watch this for news. It’s the message from the White House and it’s pretty well branded as that. It’s not quite Between Two Ferns. They’re creating something from scratch trying to get to their audience specifically, not to reach a new audience.”

The gang was generally in agreement that — weirdness aside — it was pretty run of the mill campaign propaganda.

Scarborough reported that his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, took a particular interest in the story but she was not available to comment as she was  “on assignment” in the south of France.

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