Most Insane NMA Video Ever? Jon Stewart Gives Obama A Backrub While Arianna Whips Writers

Wow. Just wow. NMA has officially outdone themselves. In creating a video detailing the Rally to Restore Sanity, the Taiwanese darlings of the blogosphere have made something that looks like they just animated the inside of Glenn Beck’s head.

It features Jon Stewart as a cult-leader who is so infuriated by Beck’s rally (which he watches while applying some kind of facial cream like the Hollywood elitist he is) that he calls a meeting of his “secret liberal cabal” to destroy it. Soon we’re given such memorable moments as Larry King using the bathroom and one of the Huffington Post busses running over a guy in a Gawker shirt.

The whole thing is like every Conservative complaint about the Daily Show ever presented in cartoon form. They even took a swipe at the show’s audience by presenting them as stereotypical stoned hippies. It’s as if the team at NMA set a goal to be name checked on Fox News by the end of the week. It’s still hilarious and makes for funnier Conservative humor than most Conservative humorists actually make (*cough* Half Hour News Hour *cough*)

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