Mother Thanks Atheist Group for Saving Christmas After ‘Shockingly Bad’ Church Treatment

One Oklahoma woman is thanking a local atheist group for making her Christmas an enjoyable one after she had a “shockingly bad” run-in with workers at a church’s toy giveaway on Christmas morning. Tiffany Wait tried to get her infant child a gift, but people at the church wanted to hold her baby while she shopped and got very upset and insistent when she refused to hand her child over.

Wait said she was treated “shockingly bad,” and explained that during the confrontation, “I stood there, fighting back tears and asked, ‘You would turn a baby away on Christmas?'” It got so bad, Wait says one of the volunteers “tried to forcibly take her child.”

After she took to social media to tell her story, Oklahoma Atheists took notice and decided to help balance things out so she could still have a merry Christmas. And Wait was nothing but grateful for it.

“The Christians turned my baby and I away, and a group of atheists showed us compassion, kindness, and charity,” Wait said. “They brought us toys, dinner, gift cards, donated money and really saved our holiday.”

The church has attempted to apologize to Wait for the poor way she was treated, while the director of Oklahoma Atheists said they collected donations in order to make sure she would still have a happy holiday season.

Well, so much for the atheists’ War on Christmas™, huh?

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