Movie Fans Give Two Thumbs Down to The Academy’s Proposed ‘Popular Film’ Oscar Category


The Academy announced some big changes for future Oscars ceremonies. One of the more notable technical changes is, per The Hollywood Reporter, focusing on a three-hour broadcast that will present some categories live during commercial breaks to ensure the telecast does not go on too long.

But the change garnering the most feedback is the one at the top of this list:

It’s unclear what exactly spurred this decision to consider a category for “popular film” and what exactly that would entail (likely big box-office movies that aren’t necessarily considered Oscar-worthy).

It’s possible they may have thrown this out there to see what the reaction would be. And, well, plenty of people aren’t terribly excited by the idea, especially considering the other ways the Oscars could honor such films and also on what the exact metrics of popularity are supposed to be:

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