comScore Michelle Bernard Insists Trump’s Idea of Black Life Is ‘Just Not True’

MSNBC Guest Insists Trump’s Idea of Black Life Is ‘Just Not True’

Today on MSNBC, Michelle Bernard, who is the president of the Bernard Center for Women, Politics, and Public Policy, explained very clearly her position that Donald Trump is wrong about the way black people in America live.

Recall that he has campaigned by asking people of color what they have “to lose” by voting for him and he has regularly insisted that black people live in fear of being shot walking down the street. He has claimed people of color “have no jobs” and “have horrible education.”

“Donald Trump has portrayed a vision of African American life that is just not true,” she said emphatically. “If we want to talk about people whose lives are a mess, it’s not just African Americans who live in low-income neighborhoods; it is white people who live in rural neighborhoods. It is Americans who have not been prepared for a 21st Century workforce, who have lost jobs, do not see the American dream as being plausible for them, and Donald Trump forgets that it is — it is all of us as a nation.”

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