MSNBC Mocks Cheap Vodka at Russian Embassy: ‘Maybe It’s Russian Costco Vodka’

While the narrative of secret Russian influence penetrating the highest levels of government has taken off in recent weeks, things may not be as rosy as they seem for our Kremlin adversaries.

During an appearance on Morning Joe, MSNBC reporter Cal Perry took a moment to savor a POLITICO profile of Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak. Perry zeroed in on a particular anecdote from the piece by Michael Crowley, which speculated that cheap vodka served at the embassy’s official functions could be a sign of economic trouble for the former superpower.

Perry paraphrased on-air from the following — brutal — excerpt:

At Russia’s fortress-like Embassy on Wisconsin Avenue, north of Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood, Kislyak also hosts parties for fellow diplomats, Russia specialists and other Washingtonians with personal or business ties to Russia. (Though elegant, those functions may also reveal hints of Russia’s economic malaise: At one recent event, bartenders served Kirkland vodka—the brand sold by the bulk-discount retailer Costco.)

“Maybe it’s Russian Costco vodka,” quipped Willie Geist after hearing the story.

The twin effects of U.S. sanctions and a global downturn in oil prices have been a major hit to the Russian economy.

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