MSNBC Reporter Says Spicer Talked Like ‘the Losing Team’ During Press Conference

Today during a press briefing, Sean Spicer said Donald Trump “left it all on the field” when it comes to House Republicans’ controversial health care bill that will be voted on tonight. (That is, assuming they don’t pull the bill.)

MSNBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reported afterward that Spicer sounded like he was the spokesperson for the losing team.

“They know where they are,” she said. “When you say things like, ‘We left it all on the field,’ that’s usually the losing team at the Super Bowl and not the winning one. So we’ll just have to see. Big question now: Will the bill be put on the floor for a vote?”

Although Spicer repeatedly lambasted the assembled journalists for asking questions that he felt made the assumption that bill would fail tonight, Mike Pence has been staying away from his Capitol Hill office all day. O’Donnell explained that if he were anticipating a win for the GOP this evening, he’d be closer to the action to shake hands and say thanks.

Watch above to see O’Donnell hint at the theory that Trump is forcing the vote in spite of a not-so-promising whip count because he wants a live, televised record of Republicans who oppose him.

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