MSNBC’s Karen Finney Hangs Up on Hugh Hewitt Over…

It’s rare to see liberals, let alone MSNBC hosts, appear on conservative radio shows, but miracles do happen, and MSNBC host Karen Finney called into Hugh Hewitt‘s radio show. But whatever they had planned to talk about, it was derailed almost immediately when they got into a huge shouting match over McCarthyism and communists within the American government. Hewitt kept pestering Finney to say whether Alger Hiss was a communist. Finney repeatedly deflected, but when Hewitt kept pushing her on the same point, she hung up on him.

Hewitt welcomed Finney with a clip of her on MSNBC comparing Ted Cruz‘s “paranoia” and “fear-stoking” to Joe McCarthy. Hewitt immediately asked Finney about actual communist infiltration of the government. She dismissed the “hysteria” of the time, but Hewitt didn’t let her off easy there. He said, “It’s an easy question! Do you think Alger Hiss was a communist?”

Finney insisted it had nothing to do with her point, telling Hewitt she didn’t want to “go down a rabbit hole” with him. She said, “Hugh, I’m not doing this game with you!”

They got into some heated crosstalk, at which point Finney hangs up on Hewitt. As soon as Hewitt realized what she’s done, he immediately burst into laughter and mocked her for not being able to “handle a little tiny question.”

Listen to the audio below:


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