Watch: MTV Bans Lady Gaga/Beyonce’s “Telephone,” CNN Reports (Update)

The release of the official music video for the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce’s tag-team with Lady Gaga “Telephone” was met with great Internet approval, hitting 8 million views in just several days. Not so much love at MTV, which has deemed the prison-yard storyline too provocative and has officially banned the video. Which is weird, because we weren’t aware MTV still played music videos…

> Update: MTV disputes the report, in a tweet to Mediaite:

The main MTV channel has already aired it. The morning after the premiere (check bds to verify).. Not sure where CNN got info

We’ve already tallied up our score cards for “Telephone” but in case you’ve missed out on the almost 10-minute long Russ Meyer tribute, here’s the video:

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