MTV’s New Year’s Resolutions For White Men Video Just Got the Tomi Lahren Treatment

A well-known conservative has given her “Final Thoughts” on MTV.

Two days ago, MTV dropped a very controversial video about the resolutions white men should make going into 2017. They advised white dudes to stop mansplaining, stop using the word “woke,” and stop being annoyed when Beyoncé‘s performances reflect her concerns for and interest in her own race.

That last bit of advice could easily have been directed at Tomi Lahren, the ultra-conservative pundit who rose to fame after a bunch of her videos went viral on Facebook. One of those videos was aimed at Beyoncé and criticized her for putting on a show with Black Panthers-related imagery during this year’s Super Bowl.

Naturally, Lahren went after the media company for their video yesterday, saying, “”If I or any white male want to say ‘woke’ you better believe we will freaking say woke!”

“What is this garbage?” she asked before somehow bringing the President-elect into all of this:

And just incase these dimwits created by MTV aren’t aware: Donald Trump will be our 45th president. Your whiny tantrums, recounts, protests and hashtags won’t change that. He’s a white male: get over it.

That provided just the segue she needed to appear on Fox News yesterday evening and talk about how the left won’t allow celebrities to interact with Trump, in her view.

Watch above.

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