Murder Inmate Litters Facebook Wall With Photos Of Alcohol, Drugs From Prison

It is now safe to say that Facebook has permeated every aspect of American culture, including penal culture. An inmate serving a 30-year murder sentence in Tulsa, OK somehow found a way to post several pictures on his Facebook profile from jail exhibiting various illicit items– photos the local Fox affiliate took to the streets for an informal peanut gallery poll. The results? Americans are concerned.

Justin Walker, a murderer convicted of killing a sheriff and known gang member of Aryan brotherhood, has been hitting up his Facebook profile with pictures of him living the good life behind bars– sporting marijuana joints, alcohol, and weapons. There were also photos posted of his daughter posing with various guns. He has been posting pictures since November. Oklahoma residents are concerned– as are prison guards, since having a cell phone in prison is a felony. Some of those polled seemed to also express a bit of jealousy at the fact that Walker’s photos depict such a pleasant life in prison, “just chillin’.”

The Fox report (and bizarre man-on-the-street reactions) below:

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