Murdoch And Zuckerman Prefer To Bury Their Future Instead Of The Hatchet

The media establishment in New York may frequently feel that the dismantling of their industry has reached what could be described as biblical proportions of the “dogs and cats living together” type. Be that as it may, it apparently is not yet bad enough for the New York Post and the New York Daily News to consider “printing together,” despite the fact such an arrangement would feasibly be to their mutual benefit.

You may recall that last summer during talk of Murdoch purchasing the floundering Newsday the idea was floated the the Post and the News would share printing press costs. Turns out it was just too nice a story to be true (or, alternately, the apocalypse as measured by New York tabloid standards, has yet to arrive). From this week’s New York:

But in the end, the hatchet was simply too huge to be buried. According to sources involved in the talks on both sides, discussions between News Corp. and Zuckerman collapsed several months ago, never making it far enough for the moguls to appear in the same room. “It turned out to be too complicated, the cultures were too incompatible with too much bad history.”

Also too good to be true, rumors of NYP editor Col Allan’s retirement. The same New York piece reported that Allan was considering retirement. Not so, apparently that was merely “wishful thinking at the Daily News.”

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