Muslim Man Beaten Up in NYC By Assailants Chanting ‘ISIS’

Muslim manA Muslim man dressed in South Asian garb was attacked in a possible hate crime in New York City Friday by teenage suspects chanting “ISIS.”

43-year-old Mujibur Rahman was walking with his nine-year-old niece in the Bronx while wearing a traditional South Asian tunic called a halwar kameez. The two youths jumped him, yelling “ISIS” and “Muslim” while doling out blows. Rahman went to the hospital to receive treatment and has since been released.

The young girl was unharmed but traumatized by the attack. “She could not sleep at night,” Rahman told NY1 using a translator. “She said she didn’t want to go back to school anymore. Really in fear.”

The NYPD is investigating the attack as a hate crime. The Islamic advocacy group CAIR has called for the FBI to also get involved in the investigation.

[Image via screengrab/NY1]
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