Nate Silver Snaps Back at Conway: Trump’s Win Not Quite a ‘Historic’ Landslide

nate-silverNate Silver took a look at exactly how “historic” Donald Trump‘s landslide was today after Kellyanne Conway tweeted this earlier tonight:

Silver responded thusly on Twitter:

In a post on FiveThirtyEight, Silver breaks down every single electoral college result in U.S. presidential history, saying, “In a historical context, Trump’s Electoral College performance is decidedly below-average. So it’s a bit Orwellian to call it a ‘landslide’ or a ‘blowout.'”

In the list of 54, as Silver notes, Trump is at 44. For reference, President Obama is at both 30 and 35 (for 2008 and 2012 respectively). But Trump is ahead of the last Republican president, George W. Bush, who’s at 52 for 2000 and 50 for ’04.

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