comScore NBC’s Melvin Hesitant to Say Whether He Believes Trump’s Words of Racial Sincerity: ‘You Certainly Want To’

NBC’s Melvin Hesitant to Say Whether He Believes Trump’s Words of Racial Sincerity: ‘You Certainly Want To’

NBC’s Craig Melvin caught a few minutes of face time with President Donald Trump Tuesday morning while the Commander in Chief was touring the National Museum of American History. The president was joined by his nominee for Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and the president was reportedly “moved” by the exhibits at the museum.

But as Melvin revealed to his colleague Stephanie Ruhle moments later, he wasn’t quite so sure that Trump was fully sincere in his meandering response. Regarding our nation’s racial divide, Trump responded:

It’s just age old. It’s, uh, there is something going on that doesn’t allow it to fully heal. Sometimes it gets better but then it busts apart. But we want to have it get very much better. Get unified, and stay together. But you’ve seen it, where it oftentimes will get much better, and then it blows up. And part of the beauty of what you’re doing here with the museum and the success of the museum — the success is very important because it’s doing tremendous numbers. Tremendous numbers of people are coming in. I think that really helps get that divide and get it much closer together. If not perfect.

Ruhle asked Melvin over the phone directly, “Did you believe him?”

Melvin’s hesitant was palpable. “Um, you know — that’s a, that’s a tough question. Because you certainly want to,” said Melvin. “And you look at some of the things that have transpired during his campaign and the first 30 days of his administration as well, and he makes it hard.” Melvin cautioned however that Trump advisors “insisted” that Trump wants part of his legacy to be what he does specifically for the African American community.

Melvin also used the opportunity to ensure that 45 fully denounces the rising spike in anti-Semitism in this country, an issue that the president has been slow to address head-on in the past. “So you’re denouncing it now, once and for all?” Melvin pressed?

Trump responded, “Of course. And I do it wherever I get a chance, I do it.” The rest of the interview will air in the 1 p.m. EST hour on MSNBC.

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