NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama’s Gay Marriage Evolution Didn’t Change Much

Several weeks after President Obama‘s completed “evolution” on gay marriage, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, to be released later today, shows that the announcement seems to have had very little effect on voters.

NBC reports that the poll shows a combined 17 percent say the president’s announcement makes them “much more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to vote for him in November. That’s compared with a combined 20 percent who say they are now more likely to vote for staunchly anti-gay marriage Republican Mitt Romney.

The NBC report continues: “Perhaps more importantly, 62 percent say the president’s support for gay marriage doesn’t make a difference in their vote — including 75 percent of independents, 76 percent of moderates, 81 percent of African Americans, and 65 percent of residents in the Midwest.”

The poll also reportedly finds that 54 percent of Americans would support a state law legalizing same-sex marriage. A combined 40 percent say they would oppose such a law.

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