Netanyahu Campaign Ad Bashes White House Days Before Congressional Visit

In anticipation of Benjamin Netanyahu‘s controversial speech before Congress next week — a speech conveniently timed around the upcoming elections in Israel — the Prime Minister’s campaign used this opportunity to bash the White House, which was blindsided by Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.

The Likud party ad, as translated by BuzzFeed, argues that the White House has actively opposed Israeli interests before — including that one time where it opposed the creation of the State of Israel itself:

The black-and-white text reads, “In 1948, Ben-Gurion stood before a fateful moment: The creation of the State of Israel.”

The ad continues: “The U.S. secretary of state firmly objected [the establishment of Israel]. Ben-Gurion — contrary to the State Department’s position — announced the establishment of the state… Would we be here today had Ben-Gurion not done the right thing?”

The clip ends with the slogan “Only Likud. Only Netanyahu.”

The White House, which is in the middle of talks with Iran over its nuclear program, announced recently that Barack Obama would not meet with Netanyahu during his visit to the US next week, citing the impropriety of seeming to endorse Netanyahu during his contentious re-election campaign. Netanyahu, whose speech to Congress will oppose said talks, doesn’t particularly care.

Watch below:

[Image via White House]

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