New Al Jazeera America Head Takes Shot At Cable News Royal Baby ‘Minute-By-Minute, Breathless’ Coverage

Today was quite possibly the apex of just how excited anyone in the news business has ever been about a baby emerging from a woman’s uterus. The royal baby coverage got to the point where cameras were eagerly pointed towards a door, impatiently waiting for His Royal Cuteness to emerge. All the networks have the story splashed all over their sites, but Al Jazeera English has exercised just a tad more restraint on their site. And on top of this, the president of the in-the-works Al Jazeera America had some light mockery for the “breathless” coverage of The Once And Future Tot.

Kate O’Brian, who was named the head of the network just this week, told The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone that if the network were up and running by now, they wouldn’t be wasting so much time on the royal baby.

“We would certainly cover the Royal Baby. It’s an important story. It’s an interesting story, but we wouldn’t do it in a minute-by-minute, breathless, day-in-day-out way that we’ve seen some of the competitors out there doing. We would do it in a way that we think is appropriate — maybe with humor, maybe with lightness. But we would do it in a way that we deem appropriate in terms of the news — the buffet of news that is out there every day.”

Humor? Let’s remember, when Will & Kate got married, footage was expressly forbidden from being used for “comedy purposes.”

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