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New Apple iPhone NYC Delivery Delayed Because of Pope Francis

shutterstock_313976906It seems that Pope Francis‘ upcoming visit to New York City will delay the delivery of the latest Apple iPhones to those tech-hungry customers who were too impatient to wait for their next upgrade.

According to Gawker’s Sam Biddle, the papal visit to Manhattan has thrown the metropolis’ already traffic-heavy grid into a fiery firestorm of sh*t. As a result, neither Apple nor UPS are able to guarantee the previously-promised Friday delivery date of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

In an email the author received from Apple, the company notes that “due to traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City, your delivery may be delayed.”

“If we’re unable to complete the delivery on Friday,” reads the statement, “we’ll also be making Saturday deliveries at most locations.”

As Biddle half-jokingly, half-seriously notes: “This move to disrupt the free flow of American commerce is consistent with the Pope’s anti-consumerism stance, but will do nothing to curb the number of young Americans disaffected by Catholicism and unable to find meaning in this shitty world.”

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting over here in a pontiff-less city, playing on my Samsung Galaxy S6 without nary a problem to be had.

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