New Carl’s Jr. Ad Is Weirdly Connected to the Immigration Debate

carl's jrA New Carl’s Jr. ad has, weirdly enough, imagery evocative of the debate America is currently having about immigration and the border.

No, seriously.

You might look at the image here of two attractive bikini-clad women and think, “What does this have to do with immigration?” Well, what if I told you these women, in the Carl’s Jr. ad, are playing beach volleyball at the U.S.-Mexican border with the border wall as a net?

Oh, and the video itself is called Borderball?

Again, I am being completely serious about this.

Now, like other Carl’s Jr. ads, the real star is all the in-your-face-to-the-point-of-overkill sex appeal, but the immigration allegory caught people’s attention as a racially-charged one.

Kara del Toro, one of the stars of the ad, told TMZ it’s a little silly to say it’s racist. And a Carl’s Jr. spokesperson said they didn’t intend to give this a political connection.


Watch the ad below and decide for yourself:

[h/t Salon]

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