New CNN Poll: Three-Quarters of Americans Don’t Trust Most of What They Hear from Trump WH


It is President Trump‘s 200th day in office, and according to a new poll from CNN, the numbers are still not getting better for the administration.

The new poll says that only 38% of Americans approve of the Trump Administration’s performance so far, while 56% say they disapprove. This is broken down further by indicators that only 24% of people strongly approve of Trump, 14% moderately approve, 9% moderately disapprove, and a whopping 47% strongly disapprove.

The poll also asked contributors about whether they think the White House tells the truth. The findings indicate that only 24% of Americans can say they trust the Trump Administration, while 73% believe the White House is partially, if not, completely untruthful. The poll also notes that there’s been a 14% decrease in Republicans who strongly support the president.

More findings show that 36% of the participants believe Trump’s presidency has been successful, while 59% see it as a failure. Only 34% consider Trump someone they are proud to call president, and 55% think he has lowered the stature of the office.

CNN’ numbers are corroborated by Quinnipiac, who recently had a poll indicating that Trump’s approval numbers are actually down to 33%. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway seemed concerned about this recently, saying in an interview that Trump’s numbers need to go up.

Earlier today, Trump went on the offensive against the “fake news” media while insisting that his support base is better than ever.

Watch above, via CNN.

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