New Evidence Shows Lead Investigator Saw ‘Probable Cause’ To Charge George Zimmerman With Manslaughter

As both the prosecution and defense prepares for the upcoming trial of George Zimmerman, we in the public are gradually getting more and more pieces in the puzzle of what happened the night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. Two days ago, ABC released medical records of Zimmerman that seemed to support his claims that he was injured in a scuffle with Martin. This afternoon a wealth of new evidence has been released by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey’s office.

The documents include statements from Zimmerman, descriptions of the scene and Zimmerman and Martin’s appearance at the time, and the reports of the police who responded. There is also a photo taken from a 7-11 security camera video of Martin right before he was shot and a photo the police took of Zimmerman’s face.

One interesting aspect on the 44th page of the documents released is that Christopher Serino, the lead investigator at the scene concluded that there was “probable cause” to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter. It isn’t immediately clear why this didn’t happen.

Matthew Keys of Reuters has already uploaded the entire batch of documents onto Scribd which we have embedded below:

State v. Zimmerman: Evidence released by prosecutor

Watch the report from Fox News below:

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