New Fox Poll Shows How Many People Trust Trump More Than the Press and Vice Versa


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With the war between President Trump and the press reaching new heights this week, Fox News released some very relevant poll results on media trustworthiness.

The president himself has pointed out the low approval ratings of the mainstream media, while his critics have pointed to Trump’s own approval ratings.

The Fox poll out tonight finds that 45 percent of people trust Trump to tell the truth more than the press, while 42 percent trust the press more than the president. 10 percent said they trust neither.

And, also very notably, 68 percent of people believe that the press coverage of Trump is tougher than the previous press coverage of Barack Obama. 18 percent think the press is easier on Trump than they were on Obama, and 12 percent think it’s about the same.

However, 55 percent of those polled favor aggressive coverage of the president compared to 38 percent who prefer the press give the president the benefit of the doubt. And 71 percent of people think Trump should be more careful when he speaks, while 28 percent like that he speaks his mind.

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