New Fox Poll Shows Trump Losing to Clinton by 10, Huge Disapproval of His Response to Khan

hillary trumpThere’s a lot of bad news for Donald Trump in a new poll out from Fox News, the most obvious of which is that Hillary Clinton is beating him by 10.

Again, this is a Fox News poll.

12 percent of Republicans polled say they would vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket, as opposed to 5 percent of Democrats who say they would vote for Trump-Pence.

There’s pretty clear overall dissatisfaction with both party’s nominees. First, 41 percent of Democrats would rather Bernie Sanders be their nominee, while 49 percent of Republicans would love literally anyone else leading their ticket.

And on the question of trustworthiness, they are basically tied. Both have 36 percent saying they’re honest and trustworthy. 61 percent say Clinton’s untrustworthy. 62 percent say the same for Trump.

But 65 percent consider Clinton qualified to be president, compared to 43 percent for Trump. And way more people think Clinton has the right temperament than Trump.

But then there’s the question of Trump’s reactions to Khizr Khan‘s blistering speech. Trump suggested that a grief-stricken mother didn’t speak because she was Muslim. It was because of her grief.

Well, unsurprisingly, a whopping 69 percent of those polled say that Trump’s attack was “out of bounds.” Only 19 percent said it was in bounds, and 12 percent didn’t know.

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