New Mexico Restaurant Receives Online Backlash for ‘Black Olives Matter’ Sign

An Italian restaurant in New Mexico has drawn a good deal of ire by those who say that their new sign trivializes America’s racial tensions and movements for justice.

Rick Camuglia, owner of Paisano’s in Albuquerque, says that he’s seen a surge in business after he put “Black Olives Matter” on their marquee to advertise their ahi tuna dish with tapenade. Camuglia thought it was a “cute” bit of wordplay and he posted a picture of the sign on Facebook, but the restaurant ended up getting a lot of blowback from those who called it insensitive to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The restaurant received a lot of negative messages and phone calls, criticizing the sign as America continues to observe a tumultuous climate due to recent fatal police shootings on African Americans. Camellia told reporters that he wasn’t trying to be insensitive, but that even it was a mistake to put the sign’s picture online, he doesn’t regret the message.

“Our intention was never to offend or hurt anybody,” Camellia said to Fox News. “All of this just says a lot about the state of our society when you can’t even make a simple statement about a fruit without people attacking you.”

Camuglia says that the backlash has actually caused an increase in his business, and the restaurant put up a new message thanking diners for their support and patronage:

Watch above, via KRQE.

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