New Obama Ad Attacks Romney For Being ‘Backwards’ On Marriage Equality

Well, that was quick! President Obama‘s re-election campaign released a new ad touting the president’s newly evolved view on gay marriage — while criticizing Mitt Romney for his views, which is bringing us “backwards.”

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The spot juxtaposes Obama’s announcement on ABC on Wednesday, with Romney’s remarks enforcing his view that marriage be between a man and a woman.

The ad asks: “What rights would Romney deny?” Answer: “Health insurance for your partner and kids,” “adopting children together,” “emergency medical decisions for partners.” Even President Bush, the ad tells us, supported civil unions — before pointing out that Romney signed an anti-gay marriage pledge.

“President Obama is moving us forward,” it says, in keeping with the campaign slogan. But “Romney would take us back.”

Huh, it’s almost like Obama supported gay marriage all along.

Take a look:

(H/T Washington Examiner)

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