New Poll Shows Trump Leading GOP Nationally By 13 Points

imageedit_114_9371344815You read the title. You know. Donald Trump is leading in the presidential election polls by 13 whole points. Thirteen! Like Catherine Hardwicke‘s 2003 cult classic that follows the downward spiral of two teenaged girls. Like the date that is bad luck whenever it falls on a Friday. Like Taylor Swift‘s favorite number. 13.

The poll comes courtesy of NBC and The Wall Street Journal, which teamed up to bring us the number 13 like an ominous, grown-up version of Sesame Street‘s The Count. They say that Trump has 33% of the support expressed by those who were polled. Ted Cruz has 20% while Marco Rubio has 13%, which means that their support combined equals the support being heaped on The Donald.

Cruz had been pulling ahead in Iowa, but this poll confirmed that nationally, Trump is still maintaining his lead.

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