New Poll: Trump Disapproval at All Time High, Most of the Country Supports Mueller Investigation

New poll numbers are in and they’re not exactly good for President Trump.

A national survey from ABC News and Washington Post finds that Trump’s performance in office currently has a disapproval rating of 60 percent. This is the lowest approval rating Trump has seen yet and the results are the lowest for any president in modern polling since the 1940s.

The data comes in a week after the Trump Administration faced considerable heat from Paul Manafort‘s trial conviction and Michael Cohen‘s guilty plea implicating the president in campaign finance lawbreaking. As such, 61 percent of poll respondents say Trump broke the law if Cohen’s allegations are true, and 53 percent say Trump has obstructed Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

Even though Trump constantly says “drain the swamp,” 45 percent of poll respondents say corruption in Washington has increased undertake current administration. Furthermore, 63 percent approve of Mueller’s ongoing investigations while 49 percent think Congress should bring impeachment proceedings against the president.

Trump’s approval remains high among Republicans, though its extremely low among Democrats, and its not a whole lot better among Independents who only give him 35 percent approval. The results were collected from random national sample of 1,003 adults with a 3.6 point margin of sampling error, and the partisan divisions are 33 percent Democrat, 25 percent Republican, 37 percent independent.

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