New RNC Ad Attacks Obama For Campaign Ad Featuring Anna Wintour

On Friday the Obama campaign released an ad featuring Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour imploring viewers to enter to win a chance to attend a fundraising dinner with Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama and the president later this month. One day later, the Republican National Committee responded with an ad entitled “Meanwhile,” which mocks Wintour ad as out-of-touch with actual issues at hand, namely the rising unemployment rate.

The ad starts by playing the Wintour ad, with a disclaimer “Actual Obama Campaign Video,” before moving the video to the top corner and revealing “meanwhile…” facts about the unemployment rate under the current president.

“Meanwhile…Unemployment rate of women before Obama: 7.0%,” the ad reads as Wintour continues to speak. “Unemployment rate of women under Obama: 7.9%.”

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The video does a similar reveal for the Hispanic, African-American, and “young people” unemployment rates. Each rate is currently higher than before President Obama took office.

“Obama’s focused on keeping his job. But what about yours?” the ad finally reads over the sound of chirping crickets.

Check out “Meanwhile” below, via RNC:

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