New Sunday Political Talk Show Has Tank Top-Only Dress Code

Did you know NBC’s Lester Holt hosts a Sunday political talk show? And that you are required to wear tank tops during all debates?

Jimmy Fallon revealed this by showing a recent argument he and Ed Norton had on the show.

“Tank Tops Political Talk Show” featured Holt, addressing the midterm elections, and Norton, Fallon and Arianna Huffington debating the issue – while all wearing tank tops. Norton believed the Independent voters were most important, Fallon disagreed. “Independent voters are not reliable,” said Fallon, while Norton called him a “fundamentalist” and “terrorist.”

“Let’s everybody keep their tank tops on, please,” urged Holt. (For what it’s worth, Huffington was Team Norton.)

The segment felt more like Saturday Night Live than a late night show, which follows the theme of a lot of what Fallon does with his NBC program. It also follows another theme – segments that have the ability to potentially go viral, and at the very least, find a new life online after its initial TV airing. Even if Tank Tops Political Talk Show doesn’t return (but it certainly could in the lead-up to the election), we’ll see it around.

Check it out:

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