New Travel Ban Takes Effect in Ten Days, Despite Trump’s Claims Delay Would Be Dangerous


Despite Donald Trump‘s claims in January that he had to implement his travel ban immediately in order to prevent “bad dudes” from sneaking in at the last minute, the new form of the ban announced Monday waits ten days before going into effect.

Here’s how Trump memorably put it in a tweet:

But according to a fact sheet put out by the White House, the new travel ban does not take effect until ten days after Trump signed it Monday. “The Executive Order is effective at 12:01 A.M., Eastern Standard Time, on March 16, 2017,” it reads. That’s a full three days more than the week Trump claimed was unacceptable in January.

The delay comes after the White House had already delayed the announcement of the order, which was originally scheduled last Wednesday. Trump administration sources told reporters they delayed the order to avoid stepping on the positive press coverage of Trump’s congressional address.

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