New York GOP Official Says He Lost Re-Election Due to ‘Trump Effect’

A local Republican official in Westchester County, New York is claiming he lost his re-election bid due to the “Trump effect” — a reference to Democrats being inspired to show-out at the polls due to a loathing of President Donald Trump.

In an interview with WOR Radio, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino explained why the president pushed Democrats to pull off multiple election upsets:

“The reason why we lost, quite frankly, is the Trump effect… Our voters came out… The problem was for us, in a very anti-Republican, anti-Trump environment, you had a lot of Democrats who normally don’t vote in this kind of election, who were still seething over last year’s election with Trump, and they came out to send a message. Sometimes you ride the wave. Sometimes you get washed away and we got washed away this time.”

Despite favorable polling numbers for Republicans going into the election, Astorino and other GOP officials still lost — and Democrats focused on using Trump’s unpopularity to hammer them. “Every piece of mail and every part of [his opponent’s] campaign was really not about what he would do, but it was all about Donald Trump and making me ‘Trump-orino’,” Astorino said.

The local New York race may prove to a be a real example of what Astorino and pundits are coining as the “Trump effect,” as the Democrat gubernatorial wins in the relatively blue states of Virginia and New Jersey did not come as a huge surprise. Another example that should worry Republicans is Democrats showing out to win House of Delegates races in Virginia, as — prior to this week’s election — the GOP had control of the majority of those seats.

Listen above via WOR Radio 710 and Len Berman in the Morning.

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