New Zealand Prime Minister Forced to Publicly Deny He Is Reptilian Alien

An Auckland, New Zealand man recently submitted an Official Information Act (OIA) request asking for clarification from that country’s prime minister as to whether he was a shapeshifting reptilian alien in disguise. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key took the “unusual step” recently of addressing this charge directly and categorically denying that he is an alien lizard person.

“To the best of my knowledge, no,” Key told reporters. “Having been asked that question directly, I’ve taken the unusual step of not only seeing a doctor but a vet, and both have confirmed I’m not a reptile.”

“So, I’m certainly not a reptile,” Key continued. “I’ve never been in a spaceship, never been in outer space, and my tongue’s not overly long either.”

Both President Barack Obama and former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld have also been publicly accused of either being or employing members of a shapeshifting reptilian extraterrestrial race.

h/t io9

[Photo via New Zealand Times ]

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