Newsweek Asks Readers for Tips on Any Plagiarism in Fareed Zakaria Old Columns

If you spot any plagiarism in the columns Fareed Zakaria wrote for Newsweek, the news outlet wants you to email them.

Zakaria hasn’t written a column for Newsweek in four years, and so his work there was overseen by the outlet’s previous owners. Since then, the magazine has changed hands twice (and ditched print before going back to it again), leaving the new owners with a large catalog of Zakaria columns that may or may not contain plagiarized bits.

At the top of Zakaria’s archive page (and below each and every one of his columns), Newsweek editors have affixed a note:

Zakaria’s work for CNN, Time, Slate, and Newsweek have all been under heavy scrutiny since Our Bad Media unearthed a plethora of examples where the famed commentator has lifted words or phrases from other sources without proper attribution.

Zakaria has dismissed the accusations, and CNN chief Jeff Zucker has given him a vote of “complete confidence,” but he was briefly suspended in 2012 from Time and CNN for ripping off a New Yorker piece on gun control.

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