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Newtown Families File Suit Against Gun Manufacturer, Seller

Families of some of the Newtown shooting victims have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and seller of the AR-15 rifle used by the Sandy Hook shooter two years ago yesterday.

These families are pursuing the suit against Bushmaster (the maker), Camfour (the distributor), and Riverview Gun Sales (the store where the weapon in question was purchased from).

The suit reads that the AR-15 “was designed as a military weapon” and “has little utility for legitimate civilian purposes”; therefore, it shouldn’t be distributed or sold to civilians. And it invokes other shooting incidents to make its point:

“Time and again, mentally unstable individuals and criminals have acquired an AR-15 with ease, and they have unleashes the rifle’s lethal power into our streets, our malls, our places of worship, and our schools.”

The families are seeking monetary damages of an undetermined number yet, though the suit says what they’re really looking for is accountability.

You can read the lawsuit here.

[h/t CBS News]
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