NMA News Takes On The Simpsons/Fox News Fight

Taiwan’s NMA News has taken on the battle between The Simpsons over at Fox Broadcasting and their conservative corporate cousins at Fox News, depicting both of The Simpsons recent attacks on the network as well as Bill O’Reilly’s response. Their take, while featuring stoners shooting tanks and representing Fox Broadcasting as a bunch of gay pride-supporting Glee fans, was pretty similar to ours, and can be summed up by the closing line “While Simpsons fans may be enjoying this current comedy war of words, it’s [Rupert] Murdoch laughing all the way to the bank.”

Weirdly enough, the most interesting aspect to me is the appearance of Murdoch in the video. He’s shown with a giant shark fin (used in a great “jumping the shark” gag which might be the most genuinely clever thing the team’s done yet) which is the same outfit he had last time they animated him. Wait a minute, does this mean NMA cartoons have continuity?! Could this possibly mean that, like The Simpsons in the early seasons, NMA is building an entire self-contained universe filled with running gags and characters?

And here I was concerned that they themselves had jumped the shark.

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